Dark Kingdom Book 2 excerpt

H…Her voice, it was mesmerizing.

With such an ethereal sound, I found myself entranced by each word of the melody she sung. Was she even singing human words?

I was no longer in control of my own body movements as I began to slowly walk towards the stage. When I was close enough, I felt my body start to uncontrollably sway from side to side. For a moment, I was able to gain enough control of my head to look around the room. As I looked around, I began to realize that I was not the only one entranced by this vampiric siren. There were others like me, humans, that were all placed under her spell.

Suddenly, light sounded moans started to fill the room as several vampires made their presence known, taking full advantage of those of us whom were zombified by the siren.

Realizing what was happening, I found myself overcome with anxiety as I struggled to regain control of my body. It wasn’t long before I was like the others, unable to move, and barely aware of what was happening to and around me.

Not long after, I felt someone grasp both of my arms. Next he moved one of his hands up to my neck, caressing and gently brushing my hair. He then leaned into me and whispered into my ear.

“Fret not my dear, you’ll feel naught but a slight prick.”

And as he tilted my head slightly, I found myself quickly reacting, grabbing his hand and profoundly asking him to stop.


He stood there surprised that I, a mere mortal girl, hd the will to overcome a vampire’s compulsion. Once the state of shock was over, he walked cautiously and stood in front of me.

“Who are you?” He questioned.

From this point going forward, I made sure to answer each of his questions as cautiously as I could. The slightest mistake would mean my end by forty or more vampires, all starting with him. Still fighting off the Songstress’ song of compulsion, I took longer then he was willing to wait for an answer.

“You remain silent as if you aren’t about to become food for a pub full of vampires,” he impatiently warned, “I’ll ask again, who are you?”

“Chloe-Chloe Mitchell,” I said, hoping that he’d buy the fake name.

“Chloe Mitchell,” he repeated, “tell me Chloe Mitchell, how is it that you were able to overcome a vampire’s compulsion?”

Again, I had to choose my words carefully. In truth I was a descendant of the greatest hunter of them all, Van Hellsing. The war between Hunters and Vampires was alive and well. I myself, was a Hunter. A truth that I knew all too well that needed to be kept from him.

“I…I don’t know.” I again replied cautiously.

Looking at him, the look on his face grew evermore the impatient. I could tell that he wasn’t buying my lies and it was only a matter of time before he was fed up and would opt out to just kill me.

“You don’t know, somehow I find that hard to believe.”

I felt my body start to tremble as he wrapped his hand around my throat.

“Perhaps, I should just kill you now.”

I was not afraid to die.

It was wrong of me to have ventured into their feeding den on my own. And so, the punishment only fit the crime. I closed my eyes and prayed, asking God for forgiveness. Just as his mouth opened and he was to expose his fangs, he stopped.

“What is this!?” He questioned, frustrated.

“What is what, my necklace!?”

“Yes, your necklace!”

“It’s a…it’s a…” I struggled to find the right words to say.

The longer our conversation dragged on, the angrier he became. He snatched me by my arm and pulled me along until we ended up outside behind the pub. Next I knew, I was being thrown against the wall. My heart raced as he pressed his body against mine. And his face…his face began to change and the demon inside, started to truly show.

“Now listen to me, I’m done playing these fucking games with you,” he snarled, “What is this necklace and from whom did you get it from!?”

“My mother!!” I shouted, “it is a family heirloom passed down to e from my mother.”

“Your mother!?” He questioned.

“Yes, and she got it from her’s.” I replied.

He took hold of the necklace, snatching it from around my neck and examining it closely. Why was the necklace so much of an issue with him. Soon after, I heard him whisper a name.


Who was Gabrielle and what significance did she have in all of this?

With him so entinced within my necklace, I stood up, fixed my clothes, and was about to dust this bastard. Oddly enough, there was something else taking place further down the alleyway. A couple was arguing, a vampire couple to be exact and it drew his attention long enough for me to take him down. With this monster laying on the ground, I pulled out my hidden stake and dusted this asshole…

…or at least I thought I did.

Instead of vanishing, he began to laugh hysterically. I looked at him puzzled trying to figure out why was he not one with the earth.


“What? Why am I not a pile of dust?” He taunted, “I’m a fucking vampire lord you stupid bitch!”

As he continued to laugh, I slowly lifted off of him and then took off running. Even several blocks away, I could still hear his devilish laughter. I even looked back several times, making sure that he hadn’t chased me down.

A fucking vampire lord, what was I thinking?

What have I gotten myself into?

Keep a look out for Book #2 in the Dark Kingdom series and be sure to click one of the links below to purchase your copy of Dark Kingdom Book #1.


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