Chapter 24a: Song of the Fallen


Narration: Following the defeat of Garuda, the Grand Companies allied with one another, once more giving rise to the Eorzean Alliance. Fearing that the Garleans were planning a mass takeover of the realm along with the ever descending Dalamud, the Eorzean Alliance amassed a grand scale attack on the Garlean base, Castrum Novum. Evogolist and his team would lead this attack on the base and though they were successful in their plan, their success did not go without it’s casualties. There many that lost their lives on that day, but none of which hit close to home than that of Commodore Onias Lunaire, father to Evogolist and Zeriah.

Onias was given a Hero’s farewell, but Evo would not settle for that. Nael Van Darnus would pay, and Evo would bring the heavens crashing down with him.

And now, Hydaelyn begins her song. A song for the fallen, a song for the living, and a song…for Eorzea.

Ruki: A Hero’s Farewell, what the hell is that?

The Commodore deserved better.

Narration: Shouted Ruki, who was piss poor drunk following Onias’ memorial service. Ruki grieved for Onias just as much as anyone else. His grief however, stemmed from the fact that Onias was the only person to take him in following the horrid events that took place in the Twelveswood that fateful day of Ruki’s past. Seeing Ruki laid out on the table of Baderon’s Drowning Wench, an unlikely friend would come to comfort Ruki.

Pos: You know, this is one sad sight for poor eyes if I ever saw one.

Ruki: Piss off mate.
I’m not in the mood.

Pos: Funny, because I am.
You know, ever since that day, I vowed that if I ever saw you than I would kill you where you stand. I wondered how would I do it. Would I stab you in the heart? Or maybe from behind? But after thinking on it for so long, I forgot what was it for. Was I angry at you or was I angry at myself?

Maybe, just maybe if I had been a better leader that day, the others may not have died.

Ruki: What’s your point?

Pos: My point is, we can’t just sit around moping and mourning the dead.
They wouldn’t want that.

At least…I don’t think they would.

Narration: Ruki sits there staring down into his drink. He knows that what Pos says is truest to it’s words. Pos extends his hand looking to finally make peace with Ruki. Ruki stares at Pos’ hand for a moment and then accepts Pos’ request for peace. Meanwhile Syn and Cyan look on from another table.

Syn: They really should just kiss and make up.

Cyan: I think they just did.

Narration: Syn finishes off his drink and then, along with Cyan, prepare to make their way back home.

Syn: Whelp kid, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my feel of excitement. How ’bout we head on back to Quarrymill?

Narration: Cyan nods and the two make their way back home. Meanwhile, Evo receives info on the location of Van Darnus. Hell bent on getting revenge for his father’s death, Evo packs his things and prepares to head to non other Coerthas. However, Zeriah would try her best to persuade Evo to stay.

Zeriah: Evo, where are you going?

Evogolist: To take care of business.

Zeriah: You’re going to face him aren’t you?
Why!? Why do you have to do this!?
Why can’t you let someone else do it!?

Evogolist: You of all people should understand.
Onias was your father too.
I’m sure you want that monster to pay for our father’s death, just as much as I do!

Zeriah: Yes, I do, but not at the cost of your life.

Evogolist: My life doesn’t matter.

Zeriah: To who? You!?
What about Milyah? What about Nuvea!?

What about me!?

Are you that selfish and hell bent on revenge that we longer matter!?

I’ve already lost both our mother and father, I can’t very well lose you too.

Narration: Zeriah begins to break down into tears. Evo stands there silent. He understands Zeriah’s pain and wants so much to comfort her and tell her that everything will be okay, but for some reason he can’t. He soon grows frustrated and pounds his fist against the wall.

Evogolist: Dammit!!
What am I suppose to do!?
I can’t just sit here while our father’s murderer roams free and plots to destroy the realm!

I’m sorry Zee…

Narration: Zeriah flops down into her chair tears ever flowing as Evo picks up his things and leaves. Several hours later, members of the Eorzean Alliance were gathering for a final assault on Nael Van Darnus. Troops lined up one by one, each of their respective Grand Company. From atop a floating mass of land, did he, Nael Van Darnus watch.

Nael Van Darnus: O benevolent moon of purification!
That Thou shouldst choose me, Thy humble servant, as the beacon to guide Thy coming…

Mine entire being shivers with boundless bliss!

The hour of cleansing is at hand!
Make complete Thy descent and purge this land of its taint!

Narration: Van Darnus laughed and danced as destruction rained down on to the fields of Coerthas. In an instant, portions of Coerthas were destroyed and reduced to nothing more than a wasteland. Even the armies of the Eorzean Alliance were wiped out.

Van Darnus continued laughing hysterically, that is…

…until an airship flew past and from behind him appeared non other than Evogolist Lunaire.

Nael Van Darnus: Garlond, tis but a fruitless attempt to stop Dalamud’s descent, for even with all your knowledge and skill, it not enough.

Evogolist: Then what about me!?

Narration: Evo stood there with his sword in hand, ready to do battle with the Garlean warrior.
Van Darnus taunted Evo some more, often times with his eyes glowing a grim red. Evo, fed up with Van Darnus’ overly dramatic words, braced for an attacked and then charged towards him.

The first attack, Van Darnus slightly turns and side-steps it. Evo stops to catch his balance before once again charging at Van Darnus.

Evogolist: Grr…
For my Father!!

Narration: Van Darnus again dodges the attack, but this time he counters with his lance.

Nael Van Darnus: Yes…YES!!
Anger!! Rage!! Let it fill you with hatred and then let it pour out.

Evogolist: Shut up!!

Nael Van Darnus: HA, HA, HA, HAAAA!!!!

Narration: Evo continued attacking , with Van Darnus blocking, dodging, and then countering each of Evo’s attacks. Van Darnus again, continued to mock and taunt Evogolist. Evo stopped, standing there for a minute. The anger in his heart had clouded his judgement. Most of all, he wasn’t himself on the battlefield. He needed to clear his head, but how?

Van Darnus mocked him at every turn.

And then finally, Evo had had enough.

Nael Van Darnus: What is wrong hero?
Does thoust hate what stand in front of him?

Come, come and let me show what salvation truly is.
Your friends, your family, your children…all will bare witness to Eorzea’s salvation.

Narration: Evo gripped his sword tighter and finally, he snapped. He charged towards Van Darnus, but before he could strike, the Garlean general struck him, knocking the wind out of him. Evo’s sword flew out of his hand, landing itself into the ground. Evo himself, fell to the ground and Van Darnus walked over lifting Evo by the hair on his head.

Nael Van Darnus: And once I’m done, you can watch as I reshape Eorzea and purge it of it’s foulness, all the while falling to your less than noble death.

Narration: With Evo in tow, Van Darnus walked over to the edge of the floating land. He stood Evo up, whom himself, had lost the will to fight. And channeling the energy from Dalamud, Van Darnus aimed his lance at Evo and fired a powerful beam, blasting Evo over the edge of the floating land. Van Darnus, again, laughed and danced in victory. There was no one who could stop him, not even the eikon slayer himself.

And as more fiery comets flew to the ground below, many wondered if this truly was Eorzea’s fate.

Had the Garleans truly won in their attempt to conquer Eorzea or was this one man’s attempt at creating a new genesis for Eorzea and Garlamald?



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