Chapter 24b: Rise of a Hero

Narration: As the terror of the Garlean Empire and the crimson red moon, Dalamud covered the land of Eorzea in darkness, the people of Eorzea mourned the lost of friend and folk alike. Though operation Castrum Novum was a success, there were many who lost their lives including Evo and Zeriah’s father, Onias. Angered by this lost, Evogolist swore vengeance upon the head of Nael Van Darnus. However, when Evo arrived, he soon learned that he was no match for the Garlean General of whom had seemed to have given up his humanity for something more sinister.

After failing to defeat Van Darnus, Evo was tossed to his death, fated to die along with the rest of Eorzea…

…or so it seemed.

Evo’s descent unto death seemed to take longer as he found himself slowly falling to the ground. It was almost as if he had begun to float to the ground. The sky around him became bright and not long after, he heard the words that he had once heard when his adventure into the realm of Eorzea began.

Hydaelyn: Hear….Feel….Think…

Narration: Evo slowly opened his eyes and when he could see clear enough, hints of aether flew past him. Evo soon realized that he was no longer falling, but instead was somehow in an aetheric stream. He wondered to himself whether he had died. Then once more he heard the three words.

Hydaelyn: Hear….Feel….Think…

Evogolist: Huh?
Hello!? Is anyone there?

Hydaelyn: Warrior of Light, has thou given up so fast?

Evogolist: Warrior of Light?
No, you’re wrong. I’m not your so-called warrior of light.

Hydaelyn: You are wrong my child.
You are one among many that have had my gift bestowed upon them.
In the realm that you now inhabit as well as across multiple worlds, there are numerous Warriors of Light.

Evogolist: If that’s true, then why me?
Why have me face all of this when all I wanted was my little girl back!?

Hydaelyn: Because you find hope in times of despair.
When Nuvea vanished all but you gave up on any chance of finding her. You faced the demons of Eorzea’s past without knowing that you were only being tested…guided for a greater battle.

A battle that now stands before you.

Evogolist: Van Darnus.

Hydaelyn: A being that has allowed himself to become corrupt hence the power of the corrupted aether energy emanating from Dalamud, an even greater evil. If allowed to succeed, Dalamud will unleash a fury unlike any other. I have provided you with the tools and the allies to assist you in your battle.

Evogolist: But how?
How when you’ve taken so much from me!?

Hydaelyn: For that, I am sorry.
But do not give in to darkness and despair.
There are those who depend on you and await your return.

Go forth my Warrior of Light and banish the darkness that now threatens the land and all of whom you hold dear.

Narration: As Evo began to come to, he found himself once again falling to his death, but this time he would receive help in the most unexpected.



Zeriah: There!!

Milyah: Evo!!

Cid: Hold on tight everyone!!

Narration: Cid turns the Enterprise slightly sideways hoping to catch Evo.

Caireann: He’s not gonna make it!

Milyah: Evo, take my hand!!

Narration: Milyah reaches out her hand hoping to grab ahold of Evo. Descending to the ground faster, Evo almost misses Milyah’s hand, but both Milyah and Nuvea both grab a hold of Evo just in time.

Nuvea: Dad!!

Milyah: Don’t let go!

Evogolist: I won’t.

Narration: Zeph quickly runs over and help pull the three of them on board the airship. And after being nearly suffocated by Zeriah, Milyah, and Nuvea’s loving hugs, Evo wonders how they were able to find and get to him in time.

Evogolist: How? How did you find me?

Cid: Well lad, word got around that Van Darnus had all, but nearly destroyed all of Coerthas. Zeriah here came running along with everyone else, fearing the worst had happened to you.

Evogolist: Zee…I…

Zeriah: You stupid jerk…!

Narration: Zeriah begins sobbing as she hugs her brother once more. Meanwhile, Cid looks out into the reddish sky. Though he admires the work of Allagan tech of which has allowed Van Darnus to raise the very ground of the land into the heavens, he’s more than terrified that such a fleet was accomplished and feels somewhat responsible.

Cid: I was to blame for the events of that day, the Tragedy of Bozja Citadel, just as I am to blame for the fact that Meteor now threatens Eorzea…the difference being that this time, I mean to do more than run away. I will do whatever it takes to prevent another such tragedy. Any less, and the people of Bozja will truly have died for nothing.

And so I beg of you, Evogolist─help me put an end to van Darnus’s madness!

With my own airship, the Enterprise, I’ll see you and your comrades safely onto the floating isle. Lest you doubt me, she’s built for both strength and speed, and will cut through the hail of boulders without springing a rivet.

Narration: Evogolist looks at his friends, and then he looks at Zeriah, Milyah, and finally Nuvea. He knows that each one of them would lay down their own life for him just as he would do the same for them. They each nod, giving their consent, well of course except for Silver that was, who was too busy being sky sick.

Though she tried, the ride was too much for her and she just wanted to touch down on some land.

Silvermane: The ‘ells was I thinking!?
Stupid scrag…you’re going to owe….*gulp*…you’re going to….*gulp*

Biggs: Uh oh Wedge, she’s about to go again!!

Wedge: Quick, aim her towards the clouds!!

Narration: With everyone’s consent, Cid turns the Enterprise around and makes way for the floating island where they would face off against the White Raven one last time.

Cid: There it is!
Ready to finish this Evogollst?

Evogolist: More than ever.

Cid: Hah hah! That’s the spirit!

Narration: As Cid circled the island, Evo and company leaped off and onto the island. Van Darnus who was standing atop one of the platforms, sent more aetherial energy to Dalamud. Realizing that Evo had returned, he made his way back down to greet his company.

Evogolist: You ready for this?

Narration: Asks Evo as he turns and looks at Milyah. She nods and the party of Evo, Milyah, Caire, Zeph, Ruki, Pos, Starsabre, and SIlvermane all prepare to face off against Nael van Darnus. Van Darnus, a man possessed with destruction and domination.

Set in their resolve, they each draw their weapons, but will their efforts be enough to defeat van Darnus and stop Dalamud’s descent?


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