Chapter 24c: Fight for the Future

Nael van Darnus: So it would seem that thy has survived his descent into hell and returned to face judgement.

Narration: As van Darnus begun to preach, Silver grew overly annoyed, shouting and nearly tossing her axe at him. Silver’s rants were quick to come to a halt though as van Darnus looked towards her with the most chilling stare. Continuing his speech, he left the group of adventurers with a frightful image.

Nael van Darnus: The presence of these wretched creatures, proves the truth of my words!
Of their own free will, they have come to offer Thee a tribute of their life blood!

And I, first among thy servants, shall be honored to attend to their sacrifice!

I shall rend their bodies asunder and adorn thy sanctuary with their flesh and bones!

Narration: Star, slightly intimidated by his words slowly backs away, but Evo takes a hold of her hand. She looks up at Evo and sees the strength and determination in his eyes. How he’s unwilling to give in to van Darnus’ game of fear and nor will he let those of whom he care for do the same.

Evogolist: Don’t let him intimidate you guys.

Ruki: Evo’s right.
Whether we emerge victorious or not, let this be our final stand!

MIlyah: Let us claim victory or die trying!!

Narration: Star and Ruki start off casting protective barriers on everyone. Both Zeph and Silver lead the group into battle with Zeph bashing van Darnus with his shield and Silver following it up with a Tomahawk throw of her axe. Van Darnus blocks Zeph’s shield bash and at the same time dodges Silver’s tomahawk throw. He (van Darnus) then grabs Silver by her throat and slams her to the ground. With his newly acquired god like powers, van Darnus emits a powerful energy, forcing Zeph off of him and then teleporting to the opposite side of the island.

Soon after, he fires a powerful beam attack towards the group causing everyone to dodge it. Both Star and Ruki cast their respective healing spells as quickly as possible.

Silvermane: Grrr….Now I’m pissed.

Narration: Growls Silver as she jumps up and grabs her axe. Channeling her inner beast, Silver unleashes a fury of attacks on van Darnus. After fending off what he could, he this time pushes Silver off of him, but before he could teleport, Zeph casts a blinding spell allowing Caire, Evo, Pos, and Milyah to get in close to him.

Using Zeph’s shield as a platform, Caire leaps on to the shield and then comes crashing down to ground with a earth shattering pound. Pos and Evo both leap into the air, with Pos coming down first with a jump attack on van Darnus, and then tossing his lance towards Evo who uses the polearm to perform one of his signature attacks.

Evogolist: Spiral Dive!!

Narration: Van Darnus however, recovers just in time to counter Evo’s attack with his own polearm. Evo is able catch his footing and leap off van Darnus’ lance. Mily fires a few arrows attempting to give others a chance to give themselves some space between them and van Darnus. Unfortunately for Milyah, van Darnus again teleports and attempts to fire another powerful beam. Ruki quickly leaps and is able to push Milyah out of the way.

Milyah: Thanks Ruki.

Ruki: No problem mi lady.

Caireann: Guys, we got a problem!!

Pos: Meteors!!

Silvermane: Oh that’s mature, shoot us with fiery spit balls.

Pos: Well I guess now’s a better time than ever to use this thing.

Narration: Pos reveals a mage’s soul crystal that seems to have been in his possession. He quickly channels it’s power, allowing him the use of black magic. Pos then casts a few spells, destroying the falling meteors.

The group then attempts to regroup.

Silvermane: Okay, he’s really getting on my nerves.

Caireann: Evo hun, she’s right.
Every attack we try to land he counters.

Zephon: So what’s the plan Evo?

Evogolist: Pos just gave me an idea.
You guys still have your soul crystals right?

Caireann: Of course.
Zeph and I have been able to do some amazing things since we got’em.

Silvermane: Ah, that’s just….
but anyways scrag, how does that help us?

Evogolist: We were given these things for a reason.
If we can harness and channel their power into one major attack…

Zephon: Then we can finally have a chance at beating this guy…Evo bud you’re a genius!!

Evogolist: No, not me…Pos he’s the one.
Had he not held out on using his soul crystal, then we’d still be fighting a losing battle.

Zephon: Pos? Our son Pos?

Caireann: Of course our son Pos you knuckle head!

Pos: Gee dad, give me more credit.

SIlvermane: Hey! Pudding for brains, we do have a fight to finish!!

Ruki: Evo mate, I think you should do this.

Evogolist: Huh?

Ruki: For the Commodore….your father.
You should be the one to finish this.
We’ll channel our energy into the crystals, we’ll attack like last time, however this time he won’t be expecting all of that power to come from one person.

Besides, you’re the Warrior of Light right?

Evogolist: No, we all are.

Narration: After each respective party member channeled the power of their soul crystals, Zeph and Silver once more led the attack on van Darnus. Zeph went in using a flash attack, blinding van Darnus. SIlver once charges van Darnus with the plan of unleashing her Inner Beast, but just as van Darnus braces for her attack, instead she tosses her soul crystal to Evo who appears from behind and unleashes a powerful spinning attack knocking van Darnus’ lance out of his hand.

Next, Caire hits van Darnus with a Shoulder Tackle, disorienting the garlean general. She then tosses Evo her soul crystal. Harnessing the power of Ala Mhigan martial arts, Evo unleashes a fury of attacks on van Darnus, nearly knocking his helmet off. Nael van Darnus, tries to regain some footing, using an attack to force Evo and the others away from him. Ruki tosses Evo his white mage soul crystal, allowing Evo to not only heal himself through van Darnus’ attack, but also allowing him to hit van Darnus with a powerful Holy spell, intensified by Hydaelyn’s blessing.

Milyah then follows up, firing a barrage of arrows, providing Evo with cover while she tosses him her Bard’s soul crystal. Evo, tapping into that power plays the bard song Foe Requiem, weakening van Darnus for the next attack of which comes from Pos’ Black Mage Soul Crystal. Evo hits van Darnus with every spell possible, again nearly fatiguing himself from the spell usage. Star heals Evo, and Evo uses his own Dragoon soul crystal hitting van Darnus with a few jump attacks.

Nael van Darnus: Yes! YESSS!!!

Narration: Shouts Van Darnus, becoming excited by the battle. Evo prepares to finish off a now staggering van Darnus as Zeph tosses him his Paladin soul crystal, allowing Evo to tap into the Paladin abilities. Evo rushes in grabbing his sword from his previous battle with van Darnus and then goes into a flipping attack. Next he hit van Darnus with a multi-hit slicing attack letting out all of his anger and emotion.

Evogolist: Aaaaaahhhh!!!

Milyah: He’s gonna do it!

Ruki: GO FOR IT!!

Zephon: Go Evo!!

Caireann: GO Evo!!

Starsabre: I believe in you Evo!!

Silvermane: You stupid scrag, finish him so that we can all go home, Finish Him!!

Evogolist: Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

Narration: Evo takes his father’s sword and drives it directly into Van Darnus. Van Darnus stumbles back, covering his wound and looking up to Dalamud. Everyone begins to cheer and celebrate the battle seemingly comes to an end. However, Evo knew better.

Silvermane: You did it scrag, you frickin’ did it!

Evogolist: No, it’s not over…not yet.

Silvermane: The ‘ells you mean it’s not over.
Just look at him, he’s stumbling around like a drunken…

Narration: Van Darnus begins to laugh as his body glows reddish hue. He then turns around and raises his hands to Dalamud, begging, pleading for more power.

Nael van Darnus: T-that I should be bested by mere beasts.

O, how I grieve for this world! This world beset by fools!

And that the worst of them should hail from mine own land!

Gaius van Baelsur, the Emperor, his beloved subjects-fools, one and all!

Blindly they struggle to exterminate the primals in the name of conquest. Yet what worth is there in a realm bereft of the crystals’ light?

What has become of garlean pride, that we must scavenge the leavings of false gods!?

This land is fit for but one thing…purification!

…And for that, I would gladly offer up both body and soul.

Oh Mighty Dalamud! Red moon of destruction!

Grant unto me thy power…that I might carry out thy will!

Narration: Adhering to van Darnus’ call, thus did Dalamud grant him more power. Dalamud flashed redder. The skies got darker and the air…the air itself became heavy. van Darnus shouted in excitement as the power of Dalamud surged throughout every ounce of his body.

Nael van Darnus: Ahhh…yes, Yes!

The power…it courses through my being!

I am…

I am…


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