Chapter 24d: The Raven Falls

Narration: Angered by the death of his father, Evogolist Lunaire made his way to Coerthas. It was there that the adventurer would face non other than, Nael van Darnus. Swearing revenge on the man who murdered his father and now threatened the entire realm, Evogolist faced off against van Darnus, but with his mind clouded with anger, Evogolist was quickly defeated and nearly fell to his death. However, it was not only at that moment that Evo found himself rescued by his friend’s, but he was also reminded of who he was…

…the warrior of light.

A being blessed with the power of the mother crystal and tasked with banishing the darkness from the realm. Evo and company, via Cid nan Garlond’s airship, made their way back to Rivenroad where they would face van Darnus, now taking a form known as Nael Deus Darnus, once and for all. And now, as the battle reaches it’s climax, Nael van Darnus has pleaded to the crimson moon Dalamud for power beyond power. Will the heroes of Eorzea be enough to defeat this villianous fow or will their efforts be for naught?

Silvermane: Uh, guys…he’s glowing!

Ruki: This isn’t good.

Zephon: No, you think!?

Evogolist: Keep it together guys.
This may be his last stand, and if it is, then it’ll be ours as well.

Narration: The group of eight prepared themselves for battle once more. Each one channeling the power of their respective soul crystals. Zephon leads the attack this time, with Silver not far behind himself. Zeph swings his sword, but Deus Darnus dodges. Silver then tries to follow up, but this time, Deus Darnus grabs Silver’s axe and kicks her half way across the arena.

Caire then charges forward in an attempt to provide back up for Zeph, but as she jumps in the and attempts to land a flying kick on Darnus, the garlean general grabs her by her leg and tosses her across the arena, nearly throwing her over.

Zephon: Caire!!
Hold on!

Narration: Shouts Zeph as he hits Darnus with his shield and quickly makes his way over to Caire, who herself, was holding on for dear life.

Caireann: Zeph!!

Zephon: Caire!!
Don’t let go!

Narration: As Zeph races to help up Caire before she falls, the battle continues on with Milyah firing a few arrows at Deus Darnus. Those arrows however ended up disintegrating the moment they touched Deus Darnus. Nael Deus Darnus attempts to fire aether blast at Milyah, but Ruki casts a spell turning Milyah’s skin hard as a rock, therefore deflecting the blast. Pos then steps up to the plate as he begins casting a few spells.

Pos: So, you wanna play with fire huh?
Well, two can play that game.

Narration: Pos begins casting spell after spell, hitting Deus Darnus with everything he’s got. For a minute it seemed as if Pos had Deus Darnus on the run, but in reality, it was only a matter of time before the Garlean general would regain his position.

Pos: Evo, bro…you mind lending me a hand here?
Not sure how much longer I can hold him back.

Evogolist: Sure just give me…

Narration: As Evo was preparing to charge towards Deus Darnus, he noticed Star who seemed to be in some form of distress.

Evogolist: Star? Star!?
Answer me Star!? Are you okay!?

Starsabre: N…No…NOO!!
Get out my head! Leave me alone!


Narration: Putting his attack on hold, Evo checked on Star, trying his best to calm her. Meanwhile, Pos was becoming exhausted and could barely hold back Deus Darnus any longer.

Pos: C…Can’t hold…this up…any…longer.

Ruki: Evo, mate, this isn’t looking too good.

Evogolist: Damn!
We can’t lose, not when we’re so close!

Silvermane: Ugh…that bastard’s gonna pay.

Zephon: Evo, how about doing that thing you did last time?
You know, using our soul crystals and all.

Caireann: Yeah hun, there’s no way he can beat us like that.

Evogolist: Sorry guys, I don’t think it’ll work this time.

Zephon: What do you mean?

Ruki: His body, it put a huge strain on Evo’s body. Remember what the one’s who gave them to us said. Each soul crystal is a powerful artifact made up of powerful aether blessed to us from non other than Hydaelyn herself.

Milyah: Ruki’s right.
While they grant us great power, they also drain us of the aether that our bodies are made up of. Evo used all seven crystals at once and look at him, while he’s trying to save face, you can see how hard it is for him to continue on.

Narration: They each look towards Evo, the adventurer stands there, sweating and breathing heavily. Meanwhile, Deus Darnus has regained his footing and is preparing to launch an powerful attack on the group.

Nael Deus Darnus: So thy has given up?
You have all finally realized how fruitless your struggle truly is?

Allow me to show you the true extent of Dalamud’s power.

Narration: Nael Deus Darnus disappears leaving the group wondering to the whereabouts of the Garlean General. They each search the arena carefully with their eyes and when they finally found him, he was atop a platform channeling the energy from Dalamud once more.

Caireann: There!!

Silvermane: The seven ‘ells he’s doing up there?

Pos: Whatever it is, it isn’t good!

Evogolist: We need to get up there and stop him.
Silver!! Zeph!! Caire!! With me!

Narration: As the four make their up to the platform, Darnus summons two living stone like creatures to hold them off. He then teleports back down to the arena floor.

Caireann: Really!?

Evogolist: Focus guys we can do this!

Ruki: Uh, guys…we got another problem.

Silvermane: For Llymlaen’s sake, give me a fricking break already!!

Narration: Along with the Golem’s Deus Darnus had also summoned more comets. If they were to hit, Eorzea would be devastated.

Evogolist: We can’t let them hit the land down below!

Silvermane: Just how you plan we do that you stupid scrag!?

Milyah: Pos!!

Pos: Right!!

Narration: Both Milyah and Pos rush up to the top of two platforms and begin taking out as many comets as possible. Milyah herself prays to her brother Kilyah, beckoning for his power to help defeat this great evil.

Milyah: Dear brother, please lend me your power…your strength so that we may see this through to the end.

Narration: Milyah’s arrows miraculously become charged with the same power that she and Kilyah used when they brought a end to Ultima. And as Milyah begins shooting down comet after comet, Evo looks on with a bit of discern on his face, before continuing to battle Deus Darnus.

Soon after, with both the hail of comets brought to an end and the two golems defeated, the group of adventurers gathered on the arena floor once more. Once there they embraced for Deus Darnus’ attack.

Silvermane: Shit!

He’s doing something!

Zephon: I got this!

Ruki: And I got you big guy.

Narration: With a powerful form of energy emitting from Deus Darnus’ lance, he prepares to fire a powerful beam of energy at the group. Zeph steps forward, holding his shield in front of him and shielding the party from Deus Darnus’ attack. Ruki casts a protective spell providing the group with a bit more cushioning.

Feel the might of Dalamud!!


Narration: The beam pushes Zeph back some, but the party braces Zeph, allowing him to hold off the blast. Milyah, though barely able to see, looks up to see van Darnus weakening from his attack. She looks at Evo and Evo back at her. And just as van Darnus finishes his attack, Evo leaps over the party with his lance and lands into van Darnus, knocking him off balance.

Pos again goes on the offensive, hitting van Darnus with every bit of magic he had left. Next up comes Caire, hitting van Darnus with punches and kicks coming from all different directions.

Van Darnus staggers a bit, barely able to hold his balance. Finally in comes Silver with her axe in tow, slowly dragging it before lifting it up and running towards van Darnus.

Silvermane: I owe you one.

Narration: Says Silver as she swings her axe, knocking van Darnus’ lance from his hands and then ferociously striking him hard. Van Darnus attempted to reach for his lance once more, stumbling along the way, but when he finally reached it, he found that not only was the power gifted to him from Dalamud being taken away, so was he. And with his hand stretched out towards the crimson red moon, van Darnus fell back, shattering into a million pieces of aether. The party looked on as his essence floated towards Dalamud.

Caire and Zeph let out a loud cheer as Nael van Darnus, Legatus of the XIV legion was no more.

Caireann: Hot dammit, we did it!!

Zephon: Oh my god!!
We won! We actually won!!

Ruki: Not bad…not bad if I do say so myself.

Silvermane: Whew…now I can drink this.
Here’s to you old man…where ever you are.

Narration: As SIlver sits back and drinks a bottle of rum, Evo shuts his eyes for a moment letting a tear drop fall, relieved that his father’s killer had finally been brought to justice.

Evogolist: For you dad…

Narration: Milyah embraces him with a tight hug and a kiss. Everyone soon walks up to Evo, congratulating him on the victory.

Zephon: Well Evo old pal, looks like you did it again.

Evogolist: No, we did…all of us.

Silvermane: Well yeah, of course!
Well all except miss special kitty over there.

Narration: Evo looks over at Star, whose still sitting on the ground, shaken by what had happened earlier. He walks over to her comforting to her and letting her know that the fight was now over.

Evogolist: Star…? Star, look at me.
It’s over, we won.

Starsabre: Huh?

Evogolist: You don’t have to be afraid anymore, van Darnus is no more.

Narration: Star looks on puzzled, but still with a slight look of worry on her face as the party continues to celebrate their victory over van Darnus. Their celebration would have to wait however, as the floating mass of land had begun to crumble and descend to the ground.

Silvermane: Guys!!

Narration: With no where to go, the group of adventurers were moments away from death. But soon enough, CId would arrive on his airship.

Nuvea: Mom!! Dad!!

Evogolist: Huh?

Milyah: Nuvea!

Cid: Quickly now, hop on!!

Narration: The group of adventurers all jumped aboard the Enterprise and Cid quickly made way as the floating mass of land fell to the ground below.

Wedge: Ma’am!!

BIggs: Captain!!

SIlvermane: Oh man, I’ve never been so happy to see you two numbskulls in all my days!

Biggs: Hey Wedge, was that a compliment?

Wedge: Just go with it.

Narration: With the day won, the Heroes of Eorzea made their way back to Gridania where they would be treated to a Heroes reception. Everyone was gathered as they all celebrated not only the party’s victory over van Darnus, but the entire realm’s victory as well. Even Louisoix smiled and nodded before taking his leave.

When the celebrations were over, everyone returned to their normal lives. For now, it seemed that Dalamud’s descent unto Eorzea had been halted and the Garleans had all but packed up and left.

The day was won and with it a new day loomed on horizon.

But with Dalamud still lingering, was the realm really safe or was van Darnus just a piece to a bigger puzzle?


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