Epilogue – Dalamud Descends


Narration: We thought it was over.
WIth all of our might, we fought hard and defeated Nael van Darnus and the Garlean Empire. Sacrifices were made, lives were lost, but in the end their deaths would not be in vain. This is what I swore.

This is what I believed.

Following the celebration, everything that could go wrong went wrong. With van Darnus defeated, we thought we had stopped Dalamud from falling. We were wrong. Dalamud continued to fall and it was only a matter of hours…days that it would impact on the realm, destroying everything and everyone we held dear. To make matters worse, Atomos appeared, devouring the aether of each of the Aetherytes across the land. Monsters…demons from the void appeared in it’s wake, attacking innocent passersby.

With Atomos’ appearance, I had assumed that this was mine and Nuvea’s chance to return back to our world, back to Vana’diel. However, no matter how much I tried to convince her, Nuvea would not leave.

This realm, Eorzea, was her home.

The people, the places, they were her’s. Despite being my daughter and hailing from Vana’diel, her connection to these people was strong and she would not abandon them.


How could I abandon my daughter and leave her to face this disaster?

Just when it seemed that all hope was lost, Sir Louisoix appeared with a answer…a way to save Eorzea. A summoning of the highest power would need to be performed he said. By invoking the power of the Twelve would Eorzea be saved.

I was prepared to head out on the journey, but someone had already undertaken the task.


Even in my world was she a selfless character. Caring more for others than her own well being. I trusted her and I would wait for the day that she would complete her journey.

In the days that followed, creatures from the void invaded the land. The Garleans followed suit, seeking to carry out van Darnus’ XIV legion’s plight of conquest.

Adventurers brave and far fought bravely to dying breaths fending off the attacks. But we were out numbered. The odds were against us and there was no way that we would win this.

For seven days did our battle rage on as we defended our homes, our friends, and most of all…our families. And despite each and every adventurer’s valiant effort, in the end, it would end up being ll for naught.

On the final day of the Sixth Astral Era, Dalamud fell and it’s true nature was revealed. On the battlefield of Carteneau, the final battle between the Eorzean Alliance and the remaining forces of van Darnus’ XIVth legion took place. With its many casualties, the war was a tireless effort to see who would survive, that is until a piece of Dalamud fell.

As everyone paused and looked up, we could only wonder what would happen next.

From the top of Dalamud emerged a giant Wyrm. A wyrm who back in my world, was to herald the apocalypse of Vana’diel and the end of man. Bahamut…of all the times, he would appear.

The battlefield emptied as Bahamut laid waste to the realm. I watched as Bahamut flew over Eorzea, angered by his imprisonment and taking revenge upon the realm. Trying to save as many as he could, Sir Louisoix appeared shielding us from Bahamut’s rage. But it was not enough.

Sir Louisoix struggled to hold back Bahamut that is, until he invoked the power of the Twelve. The people of Eorzea all prayed, giving Louisoix the necessary power needed to once more subdue Bahamut.

Bahamut however, would have none of it. Despite the Twelves best effort to contain the Dragon, Bahamut would break free twice. The Dragon summoned all of his power, preparing to destroy us all, but Louisoix would make one last ditch effort to save Eorzea.

With his power, did he cast a spell upon myself and a few select others, sending us to the unknown.

Before vanishing, I reached out to Nuvea, hoping that I would bring her with me, but my efforts were in vain. Slowly vanishing, I watched as my little girl cried and shouted out for me, doing her best to hold on to me. And everything around me turned bright, everything, all of what was in front of me vanished.

Closing my eyes, I silently wept as all of whom I had held dear to me was gone…my…my little girl was gone.

Little did I know, this was far from being the end of my story. A new adventure awaited and soon a new beginning would come to pass.


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