Chapter 1a: The Lion of Fury


Narration: Four months later, despite the extension amount of destruction caused by the calamity, the realm of Eorzea had finally begun to take shape once more. However, the land was a lot different from before. The old land was forever perished, but in Dalamud’s wake, a new land arose. Where old paths lied, new ones now lie. And old ruins, long forgotten, have once again taken it’s place.

Perhaps it was a blessing from the Twelve, but no one really understood the miracle of Eorzea’s rebirth. And while the events that heralded the Seventh Umbral Era will forever remain in the minds of those who survive, the heroes of that day have all but been forgotten.

Though that it may be that the legacy left behind of their countless deeds and noble sacrifice continue to echo from the mouths of the people of Eorzea, no one truly remembers who those brave few souls really were.

Perhaps some day, the Warriors of Light, as they’ve been dubbed, may very well return.

But for now…

…a new adventure begins.

Chapter 1a: The Lion of Fury

Narration: Deep in the woods of the Black Shroud, two miqo’te brothers of the North Shroud’s V’ tribe, face off against one another. As they prepare for their tribe’s Trial of the Nunh, they both train and prep for the challenges that await them in a few days.

V’elonix: Well little cub, are you ready to face me?

L’eonis: Ha!
As if I’d back down from a challenge, especially from you.
I’ve been waiting for this moment
Preparing my mind and body for this one chance.


Narration: Due to wasting time bragging, L’eonis found himself left behind as V’elonix took off ahead of the young Miqo.

V’elonix: You’re first mistake!
You waste time bragging and now you opponent has the upper hand.

L’eonis: Grr…
Not for long.

Narration: L’eonis takes off running, trying his best to catch up to V’elonix. However, V’elonix was well ahead of L’eonis. And so, L’eonis pushed himself harder, faster, hoping to at least catch up to V’elonix. When he finally did, that my friends, is when the real challenge began.

L’eonis: Hey!!
No fair running ahead like that!

V’elonix: Again, you wasted your time gloating about your training.

L’eonis: Yeah, but you took a two minute head start.

V’elonix: Your enemy will not allow you the luxury of catching up, you know this!

But perhaps I waste my breath, let us see how well you do against physical challenges.

Narration: V’elonix drew his bow, and as he and L’eonis raced throughout the Shroud, V’elonix fired several arrows at L’eonis. To V’elonix, this was his way of testing L’eonis’ reflexes, to see if L’eonis was not only capable of dodging the arrows, but by seeing how well L’eonis could handle himself in a combat like simulation.

L’eonis: Arrows!!
Nobody said anything about arrows!

V’elonix: Expect the unexpected, the enemy won’t…

L’eonis: I know, I know…
The enemy won’t hesitate to use them.

Narration: And thus did L’eonis dip and dodge each one, using the trees to his advantage. Drawing his sword, L’eonis then shifted to the offensive, clashing with V’elonix’s bow.

V’elonix: Good, using your surroundings to your advantage.
And now you draw your blade, let us see how you fair.

L’eonis: Yeah, well…you didn’t leave me any choice.

V’elonix: And neither will…

L’eonis: Wait, wait….don’t tell me, neither will the enemy.

V’elonix: Raarrgh!!

Narration: V’elonix charged L’eonis with full force, leaving the two battling each other for the chance at becoming the next Nunh. Their battle continued throughout the Twelveswood, venturing from the North to the East and then from the East shroud to the Central Shroud. Their however, would come to it’s conclusion as they neared Lifemend Stump.

L’eonis: Grr…
You’re holding back!

V’elonix: Because you aren’t ready.

L’eonis: Then stop toying with me and fight me!

Come on!!

V’elonix: Very well.

Narration: V’elonix did just as L’eonis asked and began taking the battle serious, ducking and dodging L’eonis’ strikes and thrusts with his sword. V’elonix then used his bow to counter L’eonis, at times tapping him on the back and at other times, knocking the wind out of him by aiming for his abdomen area. And V’elonix won the match, knocking L’eonis to the ground, using his bow to attack L’eonis’ legs.

Angered, L’eonis jumped up wanting to pounce on V’el, but instead found himself distracted as V’el bowed to the tribe’s Oracle.

L’eonis: Huh?


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