Chapter 2a: Lost In The Market

Narration: The Calamity, as it’s come to be called, was an event that heralded in the Seventh Umbral Era. An age of darkness and mourning as many struggled with the pain of lost. The Calamity brought with it, many causalties with even some losing their homes. This would cause many to seek aid and shelter from the three city-states, one being that of Ul’dah. And while the Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo would welcome many refugees, the Syndicate however, was highly opposed to it.

???: Cursed that brat of a Sultana!

???: Calm yourself Lolorito.
Surely we can find some way to profit off of the refugees.

Lolorito: Calm myself!?
That girl and that brute of her’s are constantly sticking their noses in our business, trying their best to overrule us.

???: That brute is also one of us.
Or did you forget Lolorito?

Narration: Displeased with the meeting, Lolorito angrily dismisses himself from the meeting. Teledji-Adeleji, seeing an opportunity to advance his position within the Syndicate, grins roguishly to himself as he begins to scheme and plot.

Meanwhile, after trying for hours to get into town, the young Miqo’te named Starsabre, finally made her way into Ul’dah. From the moment she first approached the City-State, there had been refugees from all over Eorzea. Each struggling and trying to fight their way into Ul’dah. Inside the City-State would be no different, as refugees were gathered at The Ruby Road Exchange in hopes of receiving some form of placement.

Starsabre, who’d had no recollection of the events taking place after she had arrived at Carteneau, squeezed her way through the crowd, popping her head up, and often times jumping and hopping, hoping that she would spot her friends.

To no avail, she saw no one.

She then made her way to the market stalls on the Sapphire Avenue Exchange in hopes that someone would have any info on Evo and the others, but again there was nothing. In fact, she ended up annoying the merchants more than anything was chased away serveral times.

Starsabre: Seriously!!
How could you not know who I’m talking about!?
He’s only the greatest Primal slayer in all of Eorzea!

Merchant: And I’m the Raging Bull of Ala’Mhigo…
Look I said that I don’t know of anyone by that name, now either buy something or get lost!!

Starsabre: Ohh, you don’t have to be so mean!

Narration: Starsabre walks away slightly pouting, but not before grabbing something to eat. She then flops down on the nearest bench and begins to eat a tasty Dodo Tenderloin. While enjoying her meal, Starsabre begins to think back on the events of the Battle of Carteneau. She’s suddenly hit by flashbacks of the events of that day.

Before her was the sight of the elder primal Bahamut bursting forth from Dalamud. As she quickly made her way to where Evogolist and the others were, she could hear the cries and screams of Eorzea as Bahamut ravaged across the land. And just as she arrived, Evogolist and the others had vanished.

The Sharalayan Archon Lousiox was struggling to hold off Bahamut and was ready to accept his death. Afterwards, everything becomes a huge blank to her as she’s unable to remember the events that followed.

When Starsabre came to, staring her in the face was another Miqo’te. His hair was white and he curiously smile at her.

Mysterious Miqo Male: That was some dream you had.

Starsabre: Huh?

Narration: Startled by the mysterious Miqo’te, Starsabre jumps and her food would accidentally send her food flying into the Miqo’s face. Starsabre gasped and for a bit apologized. However, the mysterious Miqo’te just simply laughed it off and licked what he could off. While wiping the rest of his face, he sat down next to Star and chatted with her.

Mysterious Miqo Male: My apologies. It was not my intentions to startle you. I’m K’rhid Tia by the way. And just who might you be? That is, if you don’t mind me asking.

Starsabre: Uh…I’m…Starsabre…K’amsal Starsabre.

K’rhid Tia: K’amsal? So you’re from the K tribe as well?
Funny, I have no recollection of you.
Perhaps you’re from a splinter group?

Starsabre: I hail from Ala Mhigo.
I came here as part of the resistance in hopes of seeking aid.

K’rhid Tia: Ah, that explains it.
Most of the K’ Tribe migrated here after the Garleans attacked.
However, what was left of the Tribe is now spread out over the land.

So what brings you to Ul’dah?

Starsabre: I’m looking for some friends of mine.
We were seperated during the Calamity.

K’rhid Tia: Well, like my mother use to tell me, when looking for something, it’s always best to look where you first began.

Starsabre: Where I first began?

Narration: Starsabre thinks to herself for a moment. Suddenly she remembers where her and Evo first met. She thought to herself, how could she be so stupid. It was at the Waking Sands that the two first met. Maybe she would find her answers there.

As she looked up to thank the mysterious Miqo’te, he was no where to be seen. However, he had left something behind. A book of some sorts. Not having the time to look for K’rhid and not wanting to leave the book itself behind, Starsabre brought it along with her as she quickly made her way to The Waking Sands.

Not far, K’rhid watched as the young Miqo’te ran off.

K’rhid Tia: Well, seems my work here is done.
A’last, a new adventure begins.


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