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Chapter 1b: The Oracle

Narration: In the depths of the Black Shroud, two young Miqo’tes trained and sparred with one another, preparing for the upcoming trials of the Nunh. Through their training, they came up a beautiful Miqo’te enchantress. This enchantress, though young, was the Oracle of the V’Tribe.

And as V’elonix kneeled respectfully, L’eonis on the other hand, looked on in awe. Perhaps it was the first time he had ever caught the Oracle performing her magicks up close.

Or just maybe, the young cub was admiring her for a whole nother reason.

Oracle: O’benevolent spirits of the Shroud, heed my call. The calamity has all but devastated the Twelveswood and without your blessings, it may very well die.

I beckon unto, the elementals, heed my call!

V’elonix: L’eonis!?
What are you doing!?
Kneel you stupid fool! Kneel!

Narration: L’eonis ignored V’elonix’s calls. As a matter of fact, instead he walked closer the Lifemend Stump, placing one foot on the stump and then slowly pulling himself up on to it until he was face to face with the Oracle. L’eonis examined her even more. This time he was directly in front of her. And out of pure curiosity, reached out to touch her wand, nearly frightening her.

V’elonix: L’eonis!

Oracle: Huh?
What are you doing!?


Narration: Shouts the Oracle as she begins to fall backwards. L’eonis quickly reaches out to grab her, looking to catch her before she completely falls to the ground. Unfortunately, L’eonis finds himself falling right along with her. The both of them hit the ground with L’eonis breaking their fall. And as L’eonis lays there rubbing his sore hide, he opens his eyes to see the Oracle sitting on top and starring back at him.

L’eonis: Oh, my aching tail.


Oracle: Huh?

L’eonis: Uh…well this is quite embarrassing, hehe.

V’elonix: L’eonis!!
Of all the irresponsible, inconsiderate, idiotic things….!!!

L’eonis: Geez V’el lay off will ya!?

Narration: V’elonix bawls his fist, and then without warning, grabs L’eonis by his collar and raises his fist as if his plan was to physically scold the young Miqo. V’elonix stares deep into L’eonis’ eyes looking to both read him and intimidate the young miqo, but neither works. L’eonis stares back just as hard with not an ounce of fear showing.

L’eonis: Go ahead V’el.
I’m sure it’s what you want.

Narration: V’elonix stands there for a bit longer. Slowly lowering his fists, he loosens his grip on L’eonis and starts to walk away.

V’elonix: Grr…
You’re not worth it.

After everything the tribe Nunh did for you…
…you take every bit of it for granted.

You don’t deserve the title of Tia let alone that of a Nunh.

Narration: V’elonix storms off back into the Twelveswood. Meanwhile L’eonis, angered by V’el’s words, fumes, pounding fist into the palm of his hand. Seeing his frustration, the Oracle comes over to offer words of comfort to the young Miqo.

Oracle: You shouldn’t take what he says to heart.

L’eonis: Huh?

Oracle: V’elonix has always been like that.
It’s his way of showing that he cares.

L’eonis: Yeah, well he sure has a funny way of showing it.

Oracle: There, all better.

L’eonis: Huh?
What did you do?

Oracle: I healed you silly.

Narration: L’eonis hops to his feet, stretching and examining himself. He’s amazed at how fast he’s recovered thanks to her ability to heal. He looks back at the female Miqo’te, curious as to her true identity.

L’eonis: Hmm…
not bad.

So what’s your name?
I’m pretty sure it’s not just Oracle is it?

Oracle: No it’s not.
My name is V’eira.

L’eonis: V….eira?

V’eira: Long time no see, L’eonis.

L’eonis: Eeehhh!!!

Narration: L’eonis is shocked to say the least. To think that he and V’eira have met long ago. He thought to himself how and when did they first meet. Seeing the expression on his face, V’eira kindly reminds him of their past meeting.

V’eira: So you really don’t remember me do you?

L’eonis: Am I?

V’eira: Cold and simple minded as usual.
Come with me and I’ll tell you.

Narration: As the two traveled and made their way back to camp, V’eira explained to L’eonis, the tale of their first meeting. It was a tale that started long ago when the two were just Miqo’te kittens. On this particular day, a young L’eonis struggled to make his way to the City-State of Gridania. He and his family did their best to escape from Ala Mhigo, however, he would be one of few survivors to actually make it through the escape passage way.

Collapsing midway, L’eonis was found by a Miqo’te hunter of the V’Tribe and taken back to their camp, where he would be attended to and healed. One day when he was able to fully awake from his unconscious state, L’eonis was approached by the tribe Nunh and it would be then that he would meet a young, kind and gentle spirited V’eira.

V’Tribe Nunh: Who are you boy?

L’eonis: L’eonis of the L’tribe sir.
My family and I tried to escape from Ala Mhigo, but an attack caused the cave passage that we were traveling in to collapse killing almost all of us refugees.

V’Tribe Nunh: And the rest of your tribe?

L’eonis: Dead sir.

Narration: As the tribe elder continued to talk to L’eonis, the young Miqo spots a young V’eira helping some of the sick and wounded members of the tribe.

V’Tribe Nunh: I see you’ve taking a liking to my daughter.

L’eonis: Uh…no…I….

V’Tribe Nunh: It is okay my child.

Narration: The tribe Nunh soon calls over V’eira to meet L’eonis. Introducing the two, L’eonis sits there staring, entranced by V’eira’s kind and joyful soul. From that day forth, both L’eonis and V’eira grew close to one another. Laughing, joking, and playing with one another. At some point, they were inseparable. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

One day, being old enough, V’eira was given the task to going on a pilgrimage across Eorzea, visiting the signs of the Twelve. It would be her first official task as the tribe Oracle. And though she accepted her newfound responsibility, she knew that at some point she’d have to break the news to L’eonis.

One night, she asked the young Miqo’te to meet her west of he Tribe Village in Proud Creek. It would be there that she would break the news to him.

L’eonis: Oi!!

Narration: V’eira, who stood on the western most hill, looked down and saw L’eonis. A slight smile was frowned upon her face, happy that she would see L’eonis one last time.

L’eonis: Hey V’eira, why call me all the way out here in the middle of no where?

V’eira: L’eonis, we’ve been friends for a long time now. Ours is a friendship that I pray will continue on even if things were to change or I was to move on.

L’eonis: V’eira…you’re scarring me.
What’s going on?

V’eira: I…I have to leave.

Narration: With a look of shock on his face, L’eonis questions her, inquiring about her destination and their future.

L’eonis: Leave? But why? Where?

V’eira: As you know, I am the daughter of the Tribe Nunh. I am also however the chosen Oracle of our tribe. I’ve been given a task…

Narration: Before V’eira could finish speaking, L’eonis pulled her close to him. V’eira’s heart raced as she feared for might come next.

L’eonis: Stay with me, please.

V’eira: L’eonis…I…I…can’t.

L’eonis: Why!? Why can’t you!?

V’eira: I have a duty.
A duty as Oracle to my people.

L’eonis: And what about your duty to me, huh?
All this talk about friendship and staying together after you’re gone.
What is it all for!? Tell me, what is it all for!?

Narration: As L’eonis poured his heart out to V’eira, the young Miqo’te female stood there with tears forming in her eyes. Up until now she was oblivious to L’eonis’ feelings towards her. She had wanted to leave with a simple goodbye, but now it was more, much more than that. Unable to hid her emotions any longer or handle L’eonis’ words, V’eira was about to take off running, that is until L’eonis grabbed her once more and held her tight, comforting her.










Later on, the two calmly sat and talked until dawn. It would be the final conversation that they would have before V’eira was to head off on her journey. At dawn, they embraced one final time said their goodbyes.

Back in the present, L’eonis finally remembers V’eira and begins to reacquaint himself with her.

V’eira: It’s been a long time, L’eonis of the L’Tribe.

L’eonis: It’s been a long time, V’eira of the V’Tribe.