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Dear Chydie Entry #203

Heyas Chyldie!


I know that it’s been a while since I last wrote to you and I’m pretty sure, this is the part where you give me that funny look that you use to always give me.  Anyways, guess what? Yesterday was the final and big day of All Saints and boy oh boy did I have a blast. Let’s see, there was the Lupin that came to Gridania (we got a silly werewolf costume), they brought back the Haunted House, oh…and the Gold Saucer had a secret All Saints party. Don’t tell my parents that I went okay? But, to be honest, I don’t even know where to start.

Hmm, maybe I’ll start with my mom, dad, and auntie Zee.

So to start things off, mom and auntie Zee dressed up as two witches and handed out candy to all the younglings in our ward. Mom even had her new little kitten there. Now what better way to liven things up than for me to join in right!? Right!?!

I decided to spend All Saints dressed as a bloodied spirit of vengeance. Hey! It worked for Edda. Oh, and pay no attention to Angelo and mom’s new kitten fighting, I swear they were just playing. See look….

Angelo even photobombed the camera.

As for my dad, well, he was elsewhere…

His idea of fun for All Saints was flying around on his new mount, striking fear into the hearts of everyone. He said he wanted to see what it was like when people saw him as something other than a Warrior of Light. Sadly, no one took him serious and just laughed it off.

But that wasn’t even the sadist part. When flying around on a mini fiery version of Fenrir didn’t work, he took to Ul’dah dressed as a Howling Spirit.

Yeah, that didn’t work out too well either. Most people were sleep by then or at the Gold Saucer for the All Saints party. Meanwhile, dad got chased out of town.

Outside of Ul’dah, Starsabre and her friend L’eonis decided to have  a little fun as well. They were dressed up as two characters that I wasn’t quite familiar with. According to L’eonis, they were Zidane and Garnet. Two characters the two had supposedly met while traveling through the void to another world. Btw, Starsabre has some weird ability to do that.

Finally as the night drew near it’s end I took one last selfie of my awesome vengeance spirit, before heading to bed. 

Imagine my disappointment though, when I awoke to see that my mom and dad had stayed up late getting things ready for the Starlight Celebration. Mind you Chyldie…it’s a whole month and a half away!

They even had poor ol’ Biggs helping set up the outside decorations.

And while I’m really in no hurry to celebrate Starlight, it’s kinda cool to have my mom and dad here together again. I just wish that you and Cera were here to enjoy it with us.

Any who, here’s one last pic of my mom and I sitting around the Starlight Tree. Can you guess what we’re thinking? I’ll give you a hint. It’s something that my dad would flip a wig if he knew what my mom and I had done. All I can say about it…