Chronicles of Lightning

Final Fantasy XIII, a game that would introduce us to Square-Enix’s new game engine the Crystal Tools engine as well as to a series of games known as “Fabula Nova Crystallis”.  Fabula Nova Crystallis was originally to follow the pattern of Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. However that was changed as Square felt that the latter two weren’t similar enough to FInal Fantasy XIII to warrant the old title. And while both Versus XIII and Agito are still considered as being part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis, Square-Enix has added two sequels to the XIII title with Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the soon to be released Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII games. They’ve also changed FF Agito XIII to Final Fantasy Type-0 and yet will release a sequel to that under the title of Final Fantasy Agito. Another change was Versus XIII. After much speculation that Versus XIII had been cancelled, SE revealed at E3 2013 that it would become the fifteenth installment in the Final Fantasy franchise renaming it Final Fantasy XV.

So…now that we have the history of Final Fantasy XIII development, let’s head on into the story. Final Fantasy XIII takes place between the hollow floating world of Cocoon and the expansive lowerworld wilderness known as Gran Pulse. Cocoon was created to act as a futuristic world away from the wilds of the lowerworld of Gran Pulse. As cities and barriers and were built, the people of Cocoon were forbidden to leave. The inhabitants of Cocoon were led to believe that Gran Pulse was a land to be feared and that it’s inhabitants were savages out to terrorize and destroy Cocoon. The inhabitants of Gran Pulse, however were taught and led to believe that Cocoon was the world of evil.


The floating continent, Cocoon.
Cocoon—a utopia in the sky.Its inhabitants believed their world a paradise. Under the Sanctum’s rule, Cocoon had long known peace and prosperity.
Mankind was blessed by its protectors, the benevolent fal’Cie, and believed that tranquil days would continue forever.Their tranquility was shattered with the discovery of one hostile fal’Cie.
The moment that fal’Cie from Pulse—the feared and detested lowerworld—awoke from its slumber, peace on Cocoon came to an end.Fal’Cie curse humans, turning them into magic-wielding servants. They become l’Cie—chosen of the fal’Cie.
Those branded with the mark of a l’Cie carry the burden of either fulfilling their Focus or facing a fate harsher than death itself.A prayer for redemption. A wish to protect the world. A promise to challenge destiny.
After thirteen days of fates intertwined, the battle begins.
—Official Prologue
-as posted on the Final Fantasy XIII Wikia page

Music Video

Final Fantasy XIII Episodes
Episode 1

Defiers of Fate

Episode 2

Another Rebellion

Episode 3

The Fal’Cie Awaits

Episode 4

The Pulse fal’Cie 

Episode 5

The Gift of Eternity

Episode 6

Pulsian Menance

Episode 7

Bound in Darkness Part 2

Episode 8


Episode 9

Casting the Net

Episode 10

The Twin Sisters

Episode 11

Nothing but Grief

Episode 12

Eden or Bust

Episode 13

Thunderous Hooves

Episode 14

Loathing and Fear

Episode 15

Cold, Hard Fact

Epsiode 16

A Strategy for Change


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