Bio: Amerita is a mysterious Great Katana wielding samurai/redmage hailing from a Tavanazian Tribe in the lost capital of Tavanazia Archipelago. Amerita’s personality can be perceived as a bit stoic with a strong sense of honor. She at times comes off as a big sister type to that of Evogolist and Zeriah. Amerita also hides the fact that she secretly has feelings for Evogolist.

AoV Storyline

Amerita is first introduced when Evogolist has a dream about the Crystal War. She later shows up when Evo is asked to search for a young girl named Palemeto. When Evo arrives both him and Amerita fend off a group of shadows looking to capture Evogolist. It is from that moment that their destinies become intertwined.

Final Fantasy XI: Online Game

Amerita is one of many characters that a player can choose for their adventuring fellow. The adventuring fellow quest line was added with the “Chains of Promathia” expansion and can be accessed via the npc Luto Mewrilah. The starter quest is “Unlisted Qualities”.


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