Definitely rough around the edges, Silvermane cares for nothing more than her beloved loot that she receives from the mercenary group’s runs. At times Silvermane can be loud mouth and rude to those who provoke her anger (and sometimes even to those who don’t).

Silvermane does have a soft spot though for those she holds close and dear to them, especially for the small and meek Taru-Taru Karu-Shiba.

AoV Storyline

During the AoV Storyline, Silver is less than happy to have Evo along on the group’s run through Yughott Grotto. She also doesn’t trust Evo much and when a strange being resembling Evo begins making trouble around the Mercenary’s HQ, she’s quick to launch at Evo the moment the group catches up to him in Yuhtunga Jungle.


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