Series I (complete)

Table of Contents

Crystal Prelude

Chapter One – Beginnings

  1. Our Hero Acometh
  2. A New Home
  3. First Mission/Zeruhn Report
  4. First Friend/ Let’s Level Up!

Chapter Two – Shadows

  1. In Darkness Lurks The Shadows
  2. The Legendary Dragoon and The Holy Crest
  3. The Betrayer

Chapter Three – Dragons of Chaos

  1. DoC Salute!
  2. She Likes Me…She Likes Me Not
  3. True Dragons Never Die

Chapter Four – Dark Crest

  1. Homeward Bound
  2. Destined Heroes…When Evo met Ame
  3. Light Extinguished

Chapter Five – Zeriah’s Story

  1. Her Journey Begins
  2. The Journey West
  3. Dear Diary

Chapter Six – Awakening

  1. Back Home
  2. The Mission Up North
  3. The Shadowlord Awakens

Chapter Seven – Light

  1. Towards the Land of Darkness
  2. The Gauntlet of Darkness
  3. Light Restored

Chapter Eight – The Lord of Shadows

  1. Race to the Top
  2. Trial of Darkness
  3. In the Face of Darkness

Chapter Nine – The Final Showdown

  1. Facing The Past
  2. A DIfference of Opinion
  3. Sweet Revenge, Farewell

Chapter Ten – The Final Battle

  1. Fear the Shadow Lord
  2. Might of the Shadow Lord
  3. The Adventurers of Vana’diel

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