Tales of Abyssea




Story: Evogolist Lunaire, son of Onias and Sulvia Lunaire and Warrior of Light. He’s braved countless adventures and stood face to face with the mightiest of foes, but there’s one thing he has yet to face….Marriage.  Far from being ready to give up his life of adventure, Evo disappears before the wedding, leaving his soon to be bride heartbroken.

Looking to bring full on wrath down on Evogolist, Kilyah Crystari along with Silvermane, Deulmaeux, and Amerita set out to find and bring Evo back home…whether he likes it or not. Join them as they venture into an unknown world similar to that of Vana’diel in the next chapter of the Adventurers of Vana’diel.



Evogolist                                 Zeriah

Milyah Crystari                 Deulmaeux

Kilyah Crystari                   Amerita

Silvermane                           Starsabre

King Exodus


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