Volume I (complete)


Chapter One

  1. Ship A’hoy!
  2. Her Story Begins.
  3. The Beautiful Elezen Warrior

Chapter Two

  1. A Pirate’s Life
  2. The Drunken Miqo’te
  3. The Black Pirate is born

Chapter Three

  1. To Catch a Star
  2. Lord of the Wilds
  3. Beckoned By Fate
  4. Her Mother’s Will

Chapter Four

  1. The Legend of The Black Pirate
  2. Old Rivalry Renewed
  3. Unmasked

Chapter Five

  1. Memories of the Past
  2. Infiltration Unknown
  3. Milyah’s Peril

Chapter Six

  1. Distorted Dreams
  2. Battle with the Impure King

Chapter Seven

  1. Journey to the City of Dreams
  2. One Fateful Meeting
  3. The Disastrous Reunion

Chapter Eight

  1. Ram ’emfications Part One
  2. Ram ’emfications Part Two

Chapter Nine

  1. Questions
  2. Lead by Deceit
  3. The Lamb of Sacrifice

Chapter Ten

  1. Truths Revealed
  2. Race for the Cure
  3. Starting Over




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