Chyldeluve, otherwise know as Chyldie to Nuvea and her friends is a female midlander – Hyur youngling that lives in Gridania. She’s quite the bit cheerful and tends to hang around Nuvea a lot. often times, she wishes that she could join Nuvea on one of her mini adventures in which usually ends up with Nuvea getting in trouble.

Like Nuvea, Chyldie is an orphan. Her parents were taken by their woodsin and eventually disappearing in the woods. Following an attack on Gridania by Hashmal and his fellow Lucavia members, Chyldie discovers that her dad and possibly her mom had become wildlings. This in turn causes Chyldie to join both Nuvea and Cera as they set out to stop the Lucavi from wrecking anymore havoc in Eorzea.

But to be honest, Chyldie finds herself trying to keep Nuvea out of trouble and just simply keeping a smile on her best friends face.


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