Evogolist Lunaire


Bio: In the land of Vana’diel, the name of Evogolist Lunaire is known throughout the land. Many of the land’s people cheer him on and praise him as he and his friends have saved the world on more than one occasion. But it was one fateful day that led the heroic adventurer to a world that he would soon discover was much like his own, but different in many other ways.


A New Beginning Storyline

One day, Evogolist and the Holy Knights of Altana return one day only to find that a group of strange beastmen had broken into their home and kidnapped his young daughter Nuvea.  Evo then tracks the group of beastmen to cavernous maw where, too late to stop them, disappears with young Nuvea. Devastated by the lost of his only child, Evo then sets out to find a way to rescue his daughter, but then finds himself in a whole new world full of familiar faces a new exciting adventures.





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