O’kalugra was a member of a Seeker of the Sun tribe, that is until they could no longer stomach her loud, obnoxious, and outspoken ways. No longer welcome in her tribe, O’kalugra left and for a short time took to adventuring.

Finding the life of an adventurer boring, O’kalugra settled in Wineport, that is until she learned of a group of Marauders were recruiting for the next round of the Trident. With the thought of riches and fame in her eyes, O’kalugra set out to join the group, but due to excessively drinking the night before, failed miserably.

Feeling down and out on her luck, O’kalugra was ready to give it all up. But one fateful day have it, she would meet non-other than Gibbs and Dewege (Biggs and Wedge). The two just so happened to be on the run from the Garleans and O’kalugra was there to save them. As a way to pay her back, Gibbs and Dewege swore allegiance to O’kalugra and joined her on her travels.

The following year, O’kalugra was determined to compete in the Trident once more, this time she had a crew of her own and was confident that she would win. However, she would fail once more. Though she now possessed a crew of her own, she lacked a ship. And as such, asked Gibbs and Dewege to acquire one. But instead of the pair returning with a decent pirate ship, they instead returned with a fisherman’s boat. Of course the two received a scolding like no other, but O’kalugra knew that she couldn’t withdraw and thus so proceeded on with her participation in the pirate contest.

Sadly, O’kalugra was once again laughed out of Limsa Lominsa. After a few drinks of Ale, O’kalugra vowed that she would return once more and ensure that she would win the Trident. But she knew that she could no longer compete as the Miqo’te O’kalugra. She had to become a pirate…a real pirate. And so, with the help of Gibbs and Dewege of whom themselves had took on the alias of Biggs and Wedge, she took on the name Silvermane. Only one other thing was left, she needed a ship…a real ship. It would just so happen that the perfect piece to her grand scheme would fall…err….I mean bump right into her during a random brawl in the Drowning Wench, and thus her perfect plan was set into motion.


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