Volume II (Complete)

Table of Contents

Chapter Eleven

  1. A New Day
  2. The Crystal Twins
  3. Call of the Echo

Chapter Twelve

  1. Save the Sylphs
  2. Demons of the Past
  3. The Unusual Reunion

Chapter Thirteen

  1. A Friendship That Traverses Time and Space
  2. Haunting Dreams
  3. Captain For A Day

Chapter Fourteen

  1. The Inescapable Fate
  2. Secrets No More
  3. Awakening

Chapter Fifteen 

  1. Breaking Barriers
  2. Hateful Resent
  3. Striking back

Chapter Sixteen

  1. An Decisive End
  2. La Resistance
  3. Future’s Perfect

Chapter Seventeen

  1. Coping
  2. Hope For Tomorrow
  3. And his name…was Cid

Chapter Eightteen

  1. Tears of an Adventurer
  2. Twilight Over Thanalan
  3. Primal Disturbance
  4. Coming To Terms

Chapter Nineteen

  1. The Wild Hunt Part I
  2. The Wild Hunt Part II
  3. The Wild Hunt Part III
  4. The Wild Hunt Part IV
  5. The Wild Hunt Part V
  6. The Wild Hunt Part VI

Chapter Twenty

  1. Lord of the Inferno Part I – The Decision
  2. Lord of the Inferno Part II – Ring of Fire
  3. Lord of the Inferno Part III – Primal Judgement
  4. Lord of the Inferno Part IV – Burning Victory/Enter the White Raven

Chapter Twenty-One

  1. In Dire Need of A Resolution
  2. Your Purpose
  3. Weak No Longer

Chapter Twenty-Two

  1. A Story Untold
  2. Fading Memories and the Battle through Natalan
  3. Enter the Raging Wind and the True Face of The Black Wolf
  4. She’s Like The Wind
  5. United We Stand

Chapter Twenty-Three

  1. I Dream of Vana’diel
  2. Hitting Them Where it Hurts
  3. Operation Novum

Chapter Twenty-Four

  1. Song of the Fallen
  2. Rise of A Hero
  3. Fight for the Future
  4. The Raven Falls

Epilogue – Dalamud Descends


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