Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Afterfall

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Afterfall


The Story Thus Far…



I want to keep you guys updated on the latest of what I’m developing for the next chapter in the FFXIV fan-fiction, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Afterfall. Be sure to check back often on the latest of what’s being developed.

Evogolist Lunaire
Nuvea Crystari
Milyah Crystari
Zeriah Lunaire
Onias Lunaire
Caireann Fenrir
Zephon Malerath
Ruki Trevek
Lord Poseidan
Yet to be named Male Miqo’te
Yet to be named Female Roegadyn

Afterfall takes place five years after the events of End of an Era. After the fall of Dalamund which resulted in the release of Bahamut an elder primal, the Heroes/Adventurers of Eorzea must now set out on a journey to discover what happened during the last five years and once and for all defeat Bahamut. This isn’t met with challenges however as the world of Eorzea has changed and Evo must deal with the responsibilities of being a husband and father all the while trying to save the world.

Update 3/24/13

Not fully approved, but Male Miqo’te name will possibly be Leonis Wildfire.


Afterfall will take place within the five-year period that Evo and the others are in stasis. The story will focus on a male Miqo’te adventurer named Leonis Wildfire and the female Miqo’te Starsabre. Once more information is known about A Realm Reborn and the events that happened over the five-year time period, I will develop the story even more.

Update 4/6/13

Leonis comes to Eorzea in hopes of finding his lost love. When Lousioux transported the heroes of Eorzea to the future, Starsabre some how avoided it and stayed behind to help battle Bahamut. When she awakens, she has no memory of how Bahamut was defeated nor what happened to Lousioux. Leonis and Starsabre meet when Leonis one day mistakes Starsabre for his lost love of whom Star strongly resembles. From there they spend the next five years adventuring together on a journey to discover the truth and answers to their journey.


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