Happy New Year


Hey everyone Evo here, first off, let wish each and every one of you a happy new year. Now I know last year I wasn’t too active on the site and they very few posts. Going into the new year, my goal is to be a bit more active on not only this site, but on the Echoes of Fantasy Facebook page as well as the Echoes of Fantasy Instagram as well.

One of the many problems I ran into was that I would post on one thing and not the other. So hopefully that will all change this year. As always look forward to fun filled stories, awesome new content, and many more.

I hope that you all have a awesome New Year and I’ll see you guys around.

Update: August 24, 2016

Heyas guys, Evo here and first and foremost, sorry for not staying in contact with you all. Well to get things started, here’s the latest on what’s going on. As you can see, I recently just posted the latest chapter to the FFXIV A New Beginning series. With this latest installment, it signals that we’re nearing the end of the Seventh Umbral Era storyline. While there’s still a few more chapters to go, I want to start preparing to transition into the A Realm Reborn story. For starters, the premise to it, Afterfall is already up and available for read under the FFXIV ARR: Volume III tab. But of course don’t rush, because again there’s a lot more to come with the current volume. Thank you guys so much for supporting these stories and I’ll continue to write them for as long as you guys care to read them.

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to Echoes of Fantasy. The place where fantasy becomes a reality. Here, I’ll bring you guys several different forums of content such as fan fictions, stories of my own, game play videos, and much more content to offer.

As always guys, please feel free to subscribe and I hope that you enjoy your journey through the site.


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