Bio: Adventurer, son, brother, and friend, these are the words that describe Evogolist. Strangely enough Fun, Excitement, with a chance of death are also the words that seem to describe the fun loving energetic adventurer.

AoV Storyline

Evo arrives in the town of Bastok one day after being chased by  a group of quadav of which Evo acquired aggro from. Upon arriving in town he couldn’t wait to begin his adventures. Along his journeys, Evo will meet and make many friends as well as many enemies and become one of Vana’diel’s greatest heroes.

Final Fantasy XI: Online Game

The character Evogolist first came to life on the Unicorn back in the year 2004 when Final Fantasy XI: Online was released for the Playstation 2.  Since then Evogolist has been played and leveled on many of the jobs available within the game such as Dragoon, Bluemage, Paladin, Warrior, Thief, Ninja, and Dancer. He’s also been a part of various linkshells including DragonsofChaos, GoldenDragoons, Catnip, DivineValor, Eternalsouls, Blueberrymuffins, and is currently a part of Reddawnresurrected. He’s also temporarily ran his own linkshells including Bastok9, HolyknightsofAltana, and AoVHunters.  Eight years later, after taking on beastmen, the Shadowlord, the Zilart, Promathia, and several avatars, Evo continues his adventures in the land of Vana’diel and there are many more to yet come.


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