Bio: Daughter of Onias and Sulvia and younger sister to adventurer and hero Evogolist. In Evo’s absence, Zeriah would help her mom around the house and assist with the marketing and hunting when needed, thus making her efficient with a bow and arrow. She also is specialized in both black and white magic as per growing up in the land of magic, she studied at the Windurst School of Magic and as she got older would meet with non other than the esteemed sorceress Shantato and study black magic.  Zeriah could be considered as Evo’s caretaker during his adventures. Before joining Evo on his adventures, Zeriah had never ventured outside of the Federation of Windurst. When she finally moves to Bastok with Evo (after convincing her mother that Evogolist needed a chaperone) her life becomes a lot more exciting.

AoV Storyline

Zeriah is first introduced after Evo first arrives in his moghouse in the Republic of Bastok via Evo’s family linkpearl. Her first official appearance is when Evo visits The Federation of Windurst on a diplomacy mission and Zeriah spots him soon after he arrives in town. After leaving Windurst, It would be awhile before Evo would see Zeriah again, but when he does, he is shocked and displeased to see that she had moved into his Moghouse in Bastok.

Zeriah’s life of adventure finally begins when a dark and evil event takes place in Windurst causing her to set out with a mysterious female hume warrior and protect the ones she loves most.

Final Fantasy XI: Online Game

Zeriah was first created two years after Evogolist, first on the Quetzacotl server and then recreated on the Unicorn where she remained until the server merged with Fenrir server. Zeriah has been leveled as a redmage, a ranger, and a bluemage.


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