Nuvea Crystari

Bio: Nuvea is the daughter of Evogolist Lunaire and Milyah Crystari. Nuvea is a typical 14 year old girl who likes cute little things and likes having fun. The only difference is that she’s acquired her father’s adventuring traits. The latter causing her to have many run ins with her Aunt Zeriah of whom is her caretaker. Nuvea has a unique trait that causes a lot of the seedseers to question her origin and her reason for existing. Her eyes shine crystal blue and her hair has crystal blue highlights. Truth is this Nuvea is an older version of the baby Nuvea that was kidnapped by a group of Ixal that had somehow made their way to Vana’diel through one of the Cavernous Maws.

A New Beginning Storyline

Nuvea is first introduced as she is walking through the twelveswood just coming from one of her adventures, when all of sudden a bright light in the sky catches her attention and she   then spots a airship falling from the sky, thus beginning her adventure.



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