Chapter VI: Song of the Fallen Kings

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of The Goddess

Chapter VI: Song of the Fallen Kings

Narration/Raigon: What does it mean to be of Divine Valor?

That is the question I asked myself when I started this linkshell. Along with my trusted friends Rob and Relight, we started what is now one of the Vana’diel’s best linkshell groups.
Of course D.V. wouldn’t be what it is without the help of such friends as Galadrial, Shintax, Starphoenix, Sirdonis, Motokochan, Aerogamis, and Eveie…who make up the core team of Divine Valor. In time we acquired new members who became good friends.

Unfortunately, things have begun to fall apart and what about to happen will destiny D.V. forever.

Raigon: Kairie!! Kairie…I…love you.

Narration: The proud and mighty leader of Divine Valor sheds tears of sadness as he mourns the death of his best friend. As hours pass, Raigon sits still holding the lifeless body of his fallen friend. Suddenly Raigon receives a /tell from D.V. member Venjegol.


Venjegol: Raigon…Raigon come in?

Raigon: This is Raigon…go ahead.

Venjegol: Rai this is Venjegol…can you hear me?

Raigon: I hear you Venjego, what’s going on?

Venjegol: Rai we have an emergency, you need to come back immediately!
Sird’s taken over the linkshell and killed Rob.

Raigon: Sird’s what?!

Narration: Raigon rages with anger as everything Ramuh prophesied comes true. The D.V. leader races back to DV corner to confront his former friend.

Back in the Empire of Aht Urghan, the Divine Valors team battles it out with the Empire’s Imperial Guards.


Imperial Guard Captain: Don’t let them get away!!

Sirdonis: Ha…I bet they miss their precious Immortals.

Eveie: Maybe I should take them down memory lane…Sub-Zero Smash!!

Narration: The Blue mage assassin sends a wave of freezing energy towards the guards. The remaining guards confront Sirdonis, Relight, and Galadrial.

Imperial Guard #1: Looks like we got them trapped sir.

Imperial Guard #2: Don’t let them get away…they’re outnumbered!!

Narration: Unknown to the guards, the DV members still have one ace up their sleeves.

Sirdonis: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,!!

Galadrial: What’s so funny?
Uh…Sird, I don’t think that this is the time to be laughing.

Imperial Guard #1: If I was you thief, I’d listen to your friend.

Sirdonis: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

Galadrial: Sird!!

Imperial Guard #2: Uh…sir, I think he’s lost it.

Imperial Guard #1: Hey you!! Just what are you laughing at?

Blindman: Us!

Narration: Out of nowhere the ones known as Blindman and Coldshadow appear interrupting the Imperial Guard’s plans of capturing their friends.

Relight: Took you two long enough.

Coldshadow: Well it takes a little longer when you gotta guide a blind man.

Blindman: Ha, Ha…very funny.

Galadrial: Wow and here I thought Sird had snapped.

Sirdonis: Yeah, yeah…you know you liked it.

All D.V. members meet back at DV Corner!

Narration: As Sird and his team head back to DV Corner, the outcast members of DV are confronted by an enraged Raigon.


Raigon: Sird!!
Sird where are you?!

Eljaguar: Meow?

Raigon: Where the hell is Sird?!

Venjegol: Rai! Rai!!
He’s not back yet.

Raigon: Where did he go?!

Venjegol: He and the others went to confront the beastmen hordes attacking Al Zhabi. And Rai…he has the Astral Candensence.

Raigon: Grr..
And Rob? Where is he?

Venjegol: There.

Raigon: Kairie…Rob…

Narration: Time seems to have stopped as Raigon tries to process everything. It seems as if everything that he’s built and worked hard for has fallen apart. You can almost hear Rai’s heart beating through his chest and then suddenly….he snaps.


Ragion: Grr…

Venjegol: Rai?

Raigon: Aaaah!!!!

Elvampiro: Rai calm down.

Narration: In all his anger and rage, Raigon practically destroys D.V. Corner and everything in it.

Venjegol: Rai, listen to me…you have to calm down.

Narration: Just then Sirdonis walks in and discovers what has become of D.V. Headquarters.

Sirdonis: What the hell?!

Raigon: Sird!!!

Sird: Hmph…..Hello…Rai.

Narration: With a devilish smirk on his face, Sirdonis prepares to face his former friend and leader. Meanwhile the evil entity known as the True Kindred aren’t so pleased by the personal grudge between the two DV leaders.

True Kindred: What is this?
Disobey us he does. The kindred spawnling in the Elvaan, does he betray us?

Hybrid-Luna: Perhaps you should’ve sent one of us instead.

True Kindred: Silence!!

Elvaan….do you betray us?

Sirdonis: Mind you business…
This is my fight.

True Kindred: The Astral Candensence…
Bring it to us or you will suffer greatly.

Sirdonis: Fine…
I can handle this worthless piece of trash myself.
Eveie, Relight, and Moto…take them their precious Astral Candy.

Motokochan: Gotcha Sird.

Eveie: Sird…don’t you die on me.

SIrdonis: Hmph…

Narration: With a look of disappointment and anger, Raigon looks at Relight.

Raigon: Relight…you disappoint me.
I thought that you were better than that.

Relight: ….

Sirdonis: Pay him no attention and get out of here.

Raigon: Venje…take the others and get out of here.

Venjegol: Okay…be careful Rai.

Sirdonis: Oh Venje…

Venjegol: Huh?

Sirdonis: I owe you one.

Narration: Sirdonis shoots a poison bolt at Venjegol, but it’s blocked by Raigon.

Venjegol: …..

Raigon: What are you waiting for?
I told you to get out of here!

Venjegol: Uh…right.


Raigon: Damn you Sird.

Sirdonis: Ha, ha, ha!!
You know the biggest mistake you ever made Rai was leaving me in charge.

Raigon: As I recall, I never left you in charge, but what the hell…enough small talk.

Sirdonis: We agree on one thing….
We’ve talked enough and now I’ll make you beg….just like I made Rob beg.

Raigon: Grr…

Sirdonis: And then I had Eveie gut him.

Raigon: Damn you!

Narration: The Elvaan knight lashes out at Sird and a long grueling battle begins. Both Elvaans trade blow for blow and prove to be a match for each other.

Sirdonis: So Rai how do you like my Divine Valors team. Relight and Gala helped me set it up.

Raigon: I don’t know what you did to them, but Gala and Relight would never…

Sirdonis: What? Betray you?
You saw it with your own eyes.

Raigon: ….

Sirdonis: What? Speechless?

Raigon: You know Sird, you talk too much.
Shield Bash!! Huh?

Sirdonis: You underestimate me Rai.

Narration: As Raigon tries to attack Sirdonis, he finds that it was nothing more than a mere shadow.

Raigon: Dammit Sird!
Come out and show yourself coward!

Sirdonis: Ha, Ha, Ha!!


Narration: A now angered and impatient Rai uses the power granted to him by Ramuh and disperses of the shadows with powerful lightening bolts.

Sirdonis: Temper Temper.

Raigon: I’m done playing games with you Sird.

Narration: As the power of Ramuh surges through Raigon’s body, back at the True Kindred’s lair the True Kindred sense the power in the Elvaan.

True Kindred: Such power.
We must have this power for ourselves.

Hybrid-Eclypse: What of the thief?

True Kindred: He is of no more use to us.
When the Elvaan knight eliminates the thief, we will move the Kindred spawnlinig to the other.

Hybrid-Eclypse: Interesting.

Narration: Meanwhile…Raigon and Sirdonis continue their battle.

Sirdonis: Rarrgh!!
Viper Bite!!

Narration: Raigon blocks the attack with his shield and then counters with an attack of his own.

Raigon: Swift Blade!!

Sirdonis: Nice move, but not good enough.

Sirdonis: Eternal…

Narration: Just as Sird prepares to strike, Raigon catches the attack and strikes with his own special weapon skill.

Raigon: Grand Destruction!

Narration: Sird is knocked off his feet and seems to be defeated. The True Kindred seem to sense the end of the battle.

True Kindred: Ah…it is over.
Prepare for the transfer.

Sirdonis: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

Narration: As Sird lays on the ground laughing and coughing up blood, Raigon stands overtop of him and begins beating Sird to death.

Raigon: How could you?!
After all I did for you…Kairie…Rob!!

Narration: Raigon continues beating on Sird, unbeknownst to him the demon spawn inside of Sird appears and then makes it’s way into Rai’s body.

Raigon: You were suppose to be my…Umph

Narration: As the demon spawn takes over Raigon’s body, Rai struggles with the invader. Not far away is his father…Duke Tyreven and his men.

Coran: There my lord.
But there appears to be something wrong.

Duke Tyreven: Raigon my son…what in the name of the goddess is happening to you?

Narration: The True Kindred are stunned to see such resistance from the Elvaan.

True Kindred: What’s this?
The Elvaan resists the demon?!
No…it’s the avatar.

Narration: Raigon continues to struggle with the demon spawn while deep down inside, the avatar Ramuh battles with the demon.

Kindred Demon Spawn: Damn you avatar…the boy is mine!!

Ramuh: You can not have him.
The power of light resides in him.
Judgement Bolt!!

Kindred Demon Spawn: <Hiss>

Narration: Determined to save his son, Duke Tyreven prepares to do whatever it takes to save his only son…even if it means taking his own son’s life.

Duke Tyreven: Men! Grab him!!
Raigon…Raigon listen to me!

Narration: A possessed Raigon struggles to break free of the Sanctuary Guards.

Duke Tyreven: Dammit Raigon!
Listen to me!! Fight it son…Fight it!!

Narration: As Tyreven tries to reason with Raigon, from beyond the grave the voices of Kairie and Rob can be heard encouraging the Elvaan knight to fight his possession.


Kairie: Rai…Rai!!
Don’t give up! Fight it Rai!

Rob: Come on bro, you didn’t come this far just to be demon food.

Raigon: Rawr!!
Huh? Kairie…? Rob…?

Kairie: I believe in you Rai.

Narration: As Raigon continues to fight his possession, his father prepares to make the ultimate decision.

General Zazarg: Hey you!!
What’s going on here?!

Arcner: Stand back!

Duke Tyreven: Arcner! Sword?!

Arcner: My lord?!

Duke Tyreven: Arcner give me the damn sword now!

Arcner: Yes my lord.

Narration: Tyreven grabs the sword then looks into his son’s eyes.

Duke Tyreven: My son…
My only child…
Please….Fogive me?

Narration: Tyreven drives the sword into Raigon’s abdomen ending his only son’s life and releasing the demon from Raigon’s body.

Raigon: Fa…ther.

Kindred Demon Spawn: Damn you mortal.

Narration: Once again Rob and Kairie communicate with Raigon, giving him the cue to finish off the demon.

Rob: Rai…it’s time.

Kairie: Come on Rai! Let’s send this fucktard back to hell!

Narration: With the combined spiritual power of his friends, the dying prince uses all of his strength and power to strike down the demon.

Rob: Holy….

Kairie: Divine Valor…

Raigon: Assault!! Raaawwwrrrr!!!

Kindred Demon Spawn: Aaaahhh!!!!

Duke Tyreven: For my son…

Narration: With all their might, Father and son finish the demon. As the demon fades away, Raigon and Tyreven stand…staring at each other. That is…until Raigon falls to the ground.

Duke Tyreven: Raigon! Raigon…Raigon answer me!!

Narration: To no avail…Tyreven continues to call for his son, but the Elvaan prince doesn’t answer. Rai awakens in a field filled with light. A place where the ground is green and full of flowers. From a far Raigon hears a familiar voice.

Kairie: Rai…Rai!!!

Raigon: Huh?

Rob: Hey bro, nice to see you again.

Raigon: Hey.

Kairie: Rai…Rai…
Oooh I missed you.

Raigon: I missed you too Kairie.

Narration: As the three friend are reunited, back in the realm of the living Duke Tyreven mourns his son.

Duke Tyreven: My…son…
By the goddess! What have I done?!

Ramuh: My child, the pain that you feel I can only imagine. What was taken from you can never be replaced. A brave and mighty warrior your son was and therefore as the body of my former host fades, I return to the proto-crystal where the young Elvaan will forever be immortalized as a new Avatar of Thunder.

Narration: Ramuh, avatar of Thunder vanishes along with the body of the fallen D.V. Leader. Choosing Raigon as the new Ramuh…Raigon’s body is encased inside the giant proto-crystal where he will sleep until needed again.

Narration: Meanwhile, the True Kindred aren’t so pleased with the outcome.


True Kindred: Rargh!! Meddlesome mortals!!

Hybrid-Crescent: My lords…we have company.

Myriah: Huh?

True Kindred: Ah…finally the second piece to our puzzle is in place.

Narration: Even though the entity known as the True Kindred was unable to acquire the power of an Avatar, the remaining members of DV…Relight, Motokochan, and Eveie arrive at the Kindred’s Lair with the powerful Astral Candensence in their possession.

And as the land of Vana’diel becomes shrouded in darkness once more, will the Adventurers of Vana’diel be able to stop this evil entity?

(End of Chapter)



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